3 Capital Partners realized that it can be inefficient and labor-intensive to gather and process external manager strategies’ information with traditional tools. They have partnered with Venn by Two Sigma to help with several key workflows: portfolio management capabilities, portfolio construction processes, and ongoing manager due diligence efficiencies.

Before using Venn, Thalēs relied on scattered, high-maintenance, and non-collaborative tools to perform quantitative manager due diligence. Thalēs uses Venn to identify, evaluate, and monitor managers rigorously, help develop compelling narratives for managers rooted in quantitative insights, and to interface with sophisticated investors increasingly relying on factor frameworks.

Chris Culbertson discusses how Brockenbrough leverages Venn to address key workflow improvements. Venn’s ability to easily ingest data and the intuitive nature of the platform allows Brockenbrough to spend more time evaluating and interpreting analyses, rather than generating them.

Anthony Novara discusses how Fiducient Advisors has partnered with Venn by Two Sigma to help with several key workflows

Meena Lakshmanan discusses the investment management landscape and LGT Vestra’s experience with Venn Pro.

Nathan Peters discusses the investment management landscape and Fulcrum’s experience with Venn Pro. Fulcrum is not compensated for this statement.

Read our recent interview with Bola Olusanya, new CIO of The Nature Conservancy, where we highlight his approach to investment management and views on factor investing.