Empowering Investors through Instant Quantitative Analysis

Venn by Two Sigma is a platform investors use to consolidate investment data and perform out-of-the-box quantitative analyses.

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Venn is a collaborative investment platform designed to increase your efficiency and empower you to make smarter decisions.

Factor Analysis

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Free, Investment-Only Analysis:

  • Analyze your organization’s private holdings alongside more than 100k public funds and investments
  • Execute factor analysis to uncover the potential risk drivers of your investments
  • Conduct manager evaluations in a fraction of the time
  • Align assumptions with your team in one central location

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Everything in Venn + Portfolio Analysis and Construction:

  • Estimate portfolio performance before your managers report returns
  • Assess the overall impact on your portfolio of adding a new manager
  • Discover your organization’s optimized allocation mix based on its specific forecasts, objectives and constraints
  • Understand the invesment-level drivers of your portfolio

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