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Venn puts Two Sigma research at your fingertips. Two Sigma is an investment manager leveraging the scientific method, data, and technology to discover value in global markets.
Manager Due Diligence

Evaluate managers against your objectives using traditional risk metrics with the addition of factor analysis. All it takes is a set of returns.


Optimize Asset Allocation Understand the underlying risk drivers in your portfolio using the Two Sigma Factor Lens™️, and then optimize that portfolio based on objectives.
Factor Analysis - Portfolio

Construct Portfolios Confidently Venn can help you take action to minimize unwanted and/or uncompensated risks, understand how changes to your strategic asset allocation affect expected performance, optimize your existing investment allocations, and more.
Scenario Analysis

Streamlined Reporting Capabilities Whether you need to present to your investment committee or your clients, Venn helps increase efficiency and enhance communication with beautiful, concise visualizations you can easily copy to your decks.

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Monthly market insights, product updates, and helpful guides for quantitative investors.

The Latest from Two Sigma Research: Reverse Optimization

Read the latest from Two Sigma Research on what the global market portfolio can tell us about forward-looking asset class returns.

September 2020 Venn Factor Performance Report

The best performing factor in September was Equity Short Volatility, supported by a slight monthly decline in the VIX paired with a large down move for global Equity markets.

Inflation Series Factor InVe(nn)stigator: Three “Inflation-Hedges”

In the second of three posts in our Inflation series, we use Venn’s returns-based regression analysis to understand the risk exposures of three assets that are commonly used by investors as inflation hedges.

August 2020 Venn Factor Performance Report

It was another strong month for global stocks, pushed higher in part by optimism around COVID-19 vaccine development and dovish central bank policy in the U.S. Within equities, certain long-short equity style factors, such as Value, Low Risk, and Crowding, struggled.