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Venn connects our clients to advanced quantitative analysis through effortlessly intelligent technology and our team of trusted partners. We’re hiring scientists, engineers, and academics to help us build these solutions in global markets. Does this sound like you?

Why Venn

What is (lim x→ o+) (1/x)? The number of reasons to work here.

Our collaborative environment will have you innovating alongside pioneers in statistics, distributed computing, financial markets, and countless other disciplines.

Financial Scientists

We systematically leverage data across operations, research, communications, and to measure our results.

Trusted Partners

We communicate with clarity, deliver with integrity, and focus on measurable, mutual success.

Intentional Innovators

We collaborate with purpose, determination, and ingenuity to exceed expectations.


Is Venn by Two Sigma a good fit for you?

The investment community we serve is under competitive and client pressure to move faster, more efficiently, and with greater precision. We are a fast-moving team committed to providing the best for our clients.