Why Venn?

Research and Expertise

Venn applies Two Sigma’s expertise in research, data science, and technology to modernize the analytics experience and help institutional investors embrace a quantitative approach to multi-asset portfolio risk and investment decision making.
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Investment Due Diligence

An X-Ray view into potential manager performance and risk.

Venn can help allocate to the managers who appear to be best positioned to meet your portfolio objectives.
  • Understand whether new managers could enhance the risk/return profile of your portfolio.
  • Corroborate qualitative views with quantitative insights to determine whether your managers are delivering what you expect and what they claim.
  • Find investments offering you exposures to hedge unwanted risks or capitalize on your expectations for future growth.
Impact Analysis
Asset Allocation

Take a factor-based approach to strategic and tactical asset allocation.

Evaluate if you're being compensated for the risks in your portfolio.
  • Move beyond traditional asset class-based approaches to asset allocation and take a more actionable, systematic view based on identified risk exposures.
  • Understand the right mix of assets to help achieve your long-term portfolio objectives.
  • Identify areas of your portfolio that do not appear to align with your long-term forecasts and rebalance your assets.
Factor Analysis - Portfolio
Executive Reporting

Streamline stakeholder reporting and investment committee reviews.

Drive stakeholder alignment with dynamic risk and performance reporting.
  • Produce ongoing risk reports for general monitoring and Board and Investment Committee presentations.
  • Demonstrate how tactical asset allocation decisions could impact historical and forward-looking portfolio performance and factor exposures.
  • Communicate your preparedness for times of market volatility with scenario analysis and drawdown reports.
Performance & Risk Reporting
Collaborate with Your Team

Work more efficiently with a modern investment workspace.

Just upload your data and Venn takes care of the rest.
  • Stop building your own models in Python or Excel. With Venn, simply load in your data and analysis is ready for you in seconds.
  • Streamline your data management with a centrally shared investment library to organize your prospective investments and current managers that you are monitoring closely.
  • Gain confidence in knowing your team is working from the same data and assumptions because your forecasts, benchmarks and objectives are saved and accessible across your organization.