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Venn by Two Sigma is a portfolio analytics platform for asset owners, asset managers, and advisors to quickly perform advanced analysis and better understand sources of risk and return across multiple asset classes.

Our Story

Two Sigma consistently heard from clients that existing risk tools failed to address the unique needs of allocators and managers of multi-asset portfolios. Manual solutions like Excel lacked systematization, and other portfolio risk tools did not suit.

Venn was created in response to such client demands for greater insight into their factor exposures as they approached asset allocation and outside manager evaluation decisions.

Since 2017, Venn has applied Two Sigma’s expertise in research, data science, and technology to modernize the analytics experience for institutional investors, helping them embrace a quantitative approach to multi-asset portfolio risk and investment decision making in one turnkey platform.



Year created




Assets overseen by our clients


Factors in the Venn approach

What Sets Venn by Two Sigma Apart

Covers the total portfolio
to help allocators analyze both public and private investments of institutions.
Provides forward-looking analysis
to help investors hedge against unwanted risk.
Helps investors hold managers accountable
to the expected risk and exposures.
Leverages Two Sigma research
to offer a unique multi-asset class look.
How It Works
The Venn Tools The tools available in Venn help investors perform factor-based risk analysis to inform manager due diligence, investment evaluation, portfolio construction, and asset allocation.

Beyond analytics, Venn offers dynamic risk and performance reporting, as well as a modern investment workspace to enable seamless team collaboration.

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Who We Help
Professional Investors

Venn is designed for professional investors managing multi-asset class portfolios (i.e., asset owners, asset managers, and advisors).  

Venn clients include pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, RIAs, wealth managers, fund of funds, and asset managers offering multi-asset solutions.


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How Our Clients Leverage Venn

Our clients use Venn to help them quickly answer critical investment and portfolio questions, including:


  • Which managers are providing differentiated exposure?
  • What is a portfolio’s sensitivity to macro and style factors?
  • How might a portfolio react to certain market shocks or past events?
  • Are alternatives delivering the intended benefit?
  • What do future capital markets expectations mean for the portfolio?
  • How can a proposed change impact portfolio outcomes?

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The Evolution of Risk Management Platforms

We are seeing a shift from a traditional, asset-class based allocation to a more risk-based approach to asset allocation. Investors are increasingly looking at factors as critical to meeting objectives such as reducing risk, generating returns, and increasing diversification.

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