Investment Consultants

Consultants and OCIOs use Venn to help with quantitative manager evaluation, portfolio construction, total portfolio and strategy risk decomposition, stress testing, and developing stronger client relationships.

With the addition of Venn, we have seen broader engagement and use across both our investment and operations teams. An important, additional result of which is an increase in efficiency and time management. *

- Brockenbrough

* The Venn subscriber featured here was not compensated for their statements. As a Venn subscriber, their use of portfolio analytics or other Venn features and their experience could differ from your organization’s due to their particular use of Venn, the version of Venn used, or other factors. Not all subscribers will be equally satisfied. The person providing this testimonial was selected based on a variety of factors, some of which are subjective. This document is for informational purposes only. Not an offer to buy or sell securities. Click here for Important Disclosure and Disclaimer Information.

How Investment Consultants Use Venn

Portfolio Construction

Use our intuitive UI for investment research, comparisons, and portfolio construction and optimization.

Manager Evaluation

Break down manager risk and return and identify which managers are helping you achieve your goals.

Stakeholder Reporting

Integrate our Report Lab module for polished and customizable reports and presentations.

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client spotlight

Venn Case Study: Brockenbrough

While Brockenbrough had great systems in place prior to implementing Venn, they wanted to streamline analytics capabilities and implement a solution that was user-friendly.


Thought Leadership

Market, Industry, and Analytical Insights

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Analyzing Private Assets

Private asset returns are typically smoothed and infrequent, reducing transparency. Venn tools can help private assets look and feel more like a public market proxy.

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Client Spotlight

Fiducient Advisors needed to streamline portfolio construction, quantitative due diligence, and portfolio monitoring.

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The Venn Pillar Series

At Venn, we believe that independent risk factors across asset classes are more precise tools for investment analysis and can help better understand portfolio diversification.