Venn provides users with multiple ways to analyze the impact of historical, hypothetical and forward-looking drawdowns on individual investments and portfolios. Let’s walk through each use case.

Learn more about Venn’s approach to applying a regime-based model to Scenario Analysis.

We’re excited to announce the launch of two notable updates to Compare that can make recurring reporting workflows a lot smoother.

In the final post of our inflation series, we cover the current inflation environment and provide a practical example of how Venn can be used to manage inflation risk in a portfolio.

With the current state of affairs, many colleagues, including Venn users, have to work from home. While it may not be ideal for some people, there are ways to stay productive, and we wanted to highlight how Venn can help you to remain as productive as possible while working remotely.

Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise, leaving us concerned on multiple levels, starting first and foremost with the health of those affected. Gauging its economic and market impact is also an important concern for investors, and Venn might be able to help. We want to highlight 3 ways in which Venn can help you assess the impact of the coronavirus on your investments and/or portfolio.

After receiving your last few managers’ returns for 2019, many of you may now be finalizing year-end board materials, preparing for annual manager reviews and revisiting your portfolio’s allocation. By updating your latest returns, portfolio lineup, and capital market assumptions, Venn can assist with many of these exercises and help you plan for the year ahead. Let’s walk through them together.

This guide shows how Venn can help investors accelerate the overall manager evaluation process by providing analytics that assess whether a manager seems to be in line with its stated objective and style ...

This guide shows how one can use Venn to conduct four workflows commonly performed in Excel: (1) factor analysis, (2) investment evaluation, (3) portfolio stress testing, and (4) portfolio optimization.

Venn uses the Two Sigma Factor Lens to analyze how the SG Multi Alternative Risk Premia Index’s factor exposures and residual may have contributed to its poor performance in 2018.