We cover the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the impact it has continued to have on markets and factors over the first two weeks of March. We observed historic movements across macro and style factors along with notable rotations between the first and second weeks of the month.

Two Sigma Co-chairman David Siegel explains what workers can do to thrive in an age of rapid technological change.

In this edition of the Venn Factor Performance Report, we highlight the impact that the Russia-Ukraine crisis has had on markets and the factors within the Two Sigma Factor Lens.

Venn by Two Sigma is pleased to announce it has been selected as a finalist in two Technology Vendor categories in this year’s Family Wealth Report Awards program.

Global stock markets nosedived to start the year, while Value was by far the best performing factor in the lens in January.

The start to 2022 has been full of surprises and we’re not even through the first month of the year!

Our colleagues on the Two Sigma Portfolio Management team analyze the historical relationship of equity sectors and style factors with inflation.

We discuss how the Occam's razor principle can be applied to investment decisions, namely around asset allocation and manager evaluation.

Our final report of the year consists of two sections: one in which we focus on December factor performance and another that provides 2021 full year factor performance.

The Omicron risk-off move on November 26th affected several factors.