What a year 2020 has been! As we neared the end of the year and got ready to wrap things up, we reflected back on what we achieved together - from feedback-driven product releases to our most viewed content, this was Venn’s biggest year yet.

Year in Review: 2020
6 New Key Areas (And More!)
  • Crowding Factor Joined the Crowd
    • Added a new factor that represents short exposure to stocks with a wide investment community holding of short positions
    • Explains close to 6% of hedge fund risk on average
  • 3 New Data Integrations
    • Launched portfolio integrations with BNY, Northern Trust, and Addepar
    • Integrations sync portfolio data automatically without requiring user uploads - if interested in integrations - listed above or others, please reach out!
  • Factors Got Faster
    • Launched a weekly factor performance email, building off the launch of daily factor returns which are also now available every day in Venn
  • Saved the day with Save + Export/Share
    • Launched Saved Analyses: 1/4 of our Pro accounts* (*Analyzers) already using Save
    • New Export and Share: Sharing increased 17% since launch of our new export features
  • While everyone was indoors, Venn Got Extreme (Scenarios)
    • Launched a regime based scenario analysis model allowing users to apply shocks up to 1.5x the largest observed historical negative and positive monthly performance for indices on Venn
    • In some cases this allows users to apply shocks 4x as large as they previously could
  • You Asked, We Delivered (HFR)
    • Onboarded the long-awaited HFR hedge fund benchmarking dataset as an add-on available to certain Pro accounts
    • This was the most requested dataset over the last 3 years
Factor Performance
* Data through 11/30
  • Best Performing Factor
    • Momentum +18%
  • Worst Performing Factor
    • Value -30%
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