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Venn by Two Sigma is a platform investors use to consolidate investment data and perform out-of-the-box quantitative analyses.

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Venn is a collaborative investment platform designed to increase your efficiency and empower you to make smarter decisions.

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Free, investment-only analysis:

  • Analyze up to 10 investments monthly per organization for free
  • Analyze your organization’s private holdings alongside more than 100k public funds and investments
  • Execute factor analysis to uncover the potential risk drivers of your investments
  • Conduct manager evaluations in a fraction of the time
  • Align assumptions with your team in one central location

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Everything in Venn + Portfolio Analysis and Construction:

  • Estimate portfolio performance before your managers report returns
  • Assess the overall impact on your portfolio of adding a new manager
  • Discover your organization’s optimized allocation mix based on its specific forecasts, objectives and constraints
  • Understand the investment-level drivers of your portfolio

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Despite a rising rate of increase in new COVID-19 cases and increasing U.S.-China tensions, global equity markets continued their ascent. Within global stocks, the multi-year return spread between Momentum and Value grew wider.

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As liquid alternatives continue to proliferate, mainstream investors may be wondering what kind of exposures they’re getting by investing in these types of strategies? In this edition of the Factor InVe(nn)stigator, we interpret the factor analysis results of the Vanguard Market Neutral Fund.

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Fine wine is gaining credibility among investors as an alternative asset. In this edition of the Factor InVe(nn)stigator, we interpret the factor analysis results of Liv-ex’s Fine Wine 1000 index.

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