5 Venn Gems to Enhance Your Workflows

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Given all our recent product enhancements, we want to highlight five “gems” that can help with your investment due diligence and portfolio construction processes. We also share some real-life use cases to provide ways that others have implemented these into their workflows.

1. Tagging Investments

After uploading return streams or locating investments already on Venn’s Data Library, you can categorize them by applying a “Tag.” You can use this feature to label “Pipeline” investments that you’re currently performing diligence on, making it easier to access these tagged investments on the Library and perform additional analysis. Similarly, you can tag others as “Watch List” investments, perhaps due to poor performance, or simply use Tagging to better categorize all your uploads into their appropriate asset classes/strategies.


2. Advanced Search

In our Data Library, you can use Venn’s “All Filters and Queries” engine for advanced search exercises. For example, you can filter for investments that meet various performance and factor exposure criteria, such as those that have a:

  • 5 Year Sharpe Ratio of greater than 1
  • Beta to Venn’s Equity factor of less than 0.5
  • and a Factor Contribution to Return from Residual of greater than 0.0%



This feature would allow you to quickly find potential additions to help fill gaps in your portfolios, increase diversification and improve the risk/return profile. You can also save and manage your common “searches” to revisit them at a later date. 


3. Edit Capital 

Venn subscribers often get requests from their underlying clients to either add new capital to a portfolio or reduce capital in order to raise cash. To make this easier, we’ve added a feature called “Edit Capital” which allows you to easily “Add Capital” or “Reduce Capital” to all the investments within a portfolio, or just the investments within a sleeve of a portfolio. You can also choose to either “Evenly” distribute the amount across the investments, or on a "pro rata" basis, to maintain the percentage weights.


4. Manage Data for Portfolios

As portfolios can get quite complex, we’ve brought a backend tool to the forefront of Venn to help you see information pertaining to all the investments within your portfolios. Called the “Manage Data” page, you can get a bird's eye view of the available analysis periods for each line item, identify the source of each investment, and quickly add proxies if appropriate. Clients often use this to more deeply understand a portfolio and each of its constituents.



5. Compare a current portfolio to a historical version of itself

When viewing a portfolio on the Allocator Panel, you can easily compare that portfolio with an older version of itself. For example, say you just made some recent allocation changes by shifting weights and adding in a new fund. You can compare that new allocation to a historical version of that portfolio, before the changes were made, to see the impact. Simply click “Compare Versions,” select the older version, and see the portfolios side-by-side




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