Product Demo

Venn and Private Asset Lab

This demo led by Chris Carrano, VP of Strategic Research, and Kyle Reinhardt, Client Solutions Specialist, focuses on Venn's private asset features and new module, Private Asset Lab (PAL).

Click below to see Venn in action.

Proxies are for estimation purposes only and have many inherent limitations. The methodology for calculating potential proxies was chosen in our professional judgement, and will not always yield the most accurate available proxy. Our potential proxy suggestions are not a recommendation as to any portfolio, allocation, strategy, or investment nor an offer to purchase or sell any security.

Private asset portfolios are less liquid than public asset portfolios and have additional risks, including the risk of loss. Cash flow modeling is dependent on assumptions of uniform fund behaviors according to fund characteristics, and historical data availability. The future cash flow timing and needs of specific investments will differ from the model results, at times significantly. Certain data provided by Preqin Ltd. Copyright 2024 Preqin Ltd. All rights reserved.