Endowments & Foundations

Endowments and foundations use Venn to help achieve their investment goals by efficiently managing liquidity and risk.
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A quantitative tool for investment due diligence and portfolio management.

Venn can help...

Align your portfolio’s factor exposures with targets on both an absolute and relative-to-benchmark basis.
Monitor existing managers to confirm that their factor exposures align with your expectations.
Produce ongoing risk reports for general monitoring and Board / Investment Committee presentations.
Estimate how your portfolio is currently performing before managers report returns with Venncast.
Cloud-Based Investment Library
  • Get access to over 100,000 public funds, ETFs, equities, and indices.
  • Upload any return stream from Excel, PDF or CSV for immediate analysis by all members of your investment team.
  • Venn supports integrations with a number of leading custodians and service providers for automated updates to returns and portfolio holdings.
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Performance Forecasting
  • Venn converts your capital markets assumptions into forecasted, expected returns for investments or portfolios.
  • Venn algorithms use statistical analysis to predict continued outperformance or underperformance of assets relative to benchmarks.
  • Leverage Venncast functionality to get up-to-date performance estimates for investments or portfolios in the absence of recent marks.
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Scenario Analysis
  • Shock various global indices across a diverse set of asset classes to see the expected impact to your investments or portfolio.
  • Gain insight into how assets might perform under historical drawdowns.
  • Examine performance, correlations, and factor exposures in absolute terms or relative to a benchmark.
  • Rebalance capital among existing line items or add/remove investments to see the historical and forecasted impact to your portfolio.
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Factor Analysis
  • Our Two Sigma Factor Lens™ offers a unique multi-asset class look at how exposures to global risk factors drive investment performance and volatility, helping you to stay aligned with your strategic objectives.
  • Look back at factor exposures over time to understand style drift and sources of outperformance, and to help assess Beta vs. Alpha when evaluating a manager’s effectiveness.
  • Track ongoing performance of factors across asset classes to keep up with changing markets.
Solutions - Factor Deep Dive

Attribution Analysis
  • Use Venn's pro-forma portfolio analysis to help you uncover which investments are driving risk and return across your portfolio.
  • Break down the risk factor exposures for your investments.
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Illiquid Assets
  • Venn intelligently converts returns, including quarterly NAVs, to daily return streams to provide you with more granular insight into how market volatility impacts illiquid investments.
Solutions - Interpolation

The universe of indices available for subscribers to use in inputting their capital market assumptions for Performance Forecasting is pre-selected by Venn.